Zipadoo’s nature adventures

“Why do nettles sting? Why ladybugs do not have the same number of dots? Why and how do flowers smell? Are all snowflakes alike? How does a spider weave its web?” … A multitude of mysteries that excite the curiosity of Lulu and her friends … and demand the right answers! 

They’ll try to answer all those questions in the true spirit they’ve shown in their previous adventures : it’s by making mistakes that you learn!

And fortunately, the Teacher, Do-It-All the gardner and Who’s-Who the old owl are there to reveal secrets of Nature.


  • Format : 52 x 5
  • Date : 2014
  • Directed by Charles Antoine Sansonetti et Matthieu Cordier
  • Kind of serie : playful, educational
  • Distribution : Mondo TV France
  • Broadcasting : France Télévisions, RT