Grisù is a dragon child, and like all children, he has a dream. His is to become a fireman.

And Grisù, living in front of the fire station, never loses sight of his. Knowing that he only has to go out to see his heroes, it is for him a call. Every time he sees the firefighters, his emotion is strong, his attention is all consumed… it makes him melt.

Their mantras “Always ready”, “To serve is an honor”, “Firefighters never give up” are not simple phrases for Grisù. They are moral values that he has made his own and from which it would be impossible to deviate. 

This “fireman” theme accompanies him in his adventures.     
Because to be a fireman is above all to be at the service of others, he sees in any other job, in any other mission, the duty to bring his help.

His firefighter’s helmet embodies both his determination and the expression of his ambition at the level of a child, between “playing at” and “really becoming”. Without ever cheating.


  • Format : 52 x 13
  • Delivery : 2022
  • From original series “Grisù il draghetto” from Nino and Toni Pagot
  • Production : Mondo TV France, Mondo TV spa, Toon2Tango, Calidra, ZDF Studios, ZDF, Rai kids
  • Co-funded by the European Union – Creative Media Program