Ari, Arbosia’s Keeper

This year Ari‘s life changed when she entered the Great School of Arbosia to learn how to master her magical power.

Just like everybody in Arbosia, at the age of 10, our young hero received a power from the Oaking Tree: the magical tree that links the Five Lands.

But Ari is not an average kid. She has a special link with the Oaking Tree, which appointed her as ‘Arbosia’s Keeper’ when she prevented her big brother Lucas from stealing the Tree’s magic.

Accompanied by Zoe and Bat, Ari is always ready to go on an adventure to solve the problems that endanger the balance of Arbosia!

But Ari is still a young apprentice who unwittingly generates a lot of crazy situations…


  • Format : 52x 13′
  • Genre : Aventure – Comedy – Poesy
  • Target : 6-8 year-old
  • Adapted from L’Étrange Village de l’Arbre Poulpe by Séverine Vidal and Anne-Gaëlle Balpe, puclished by RAGEOT
  • Production : Mondo TV France