Lulu Zipadoo

For Lulu the tortoise and her gang of friends, their playground is the countryside throughout the seasons: the fields, the woods, the little stream down the path. There’s no better playground to discover the delicate balance of nature… and what living together as a group is all about. A joyous rural romp of a world for young explorers of life and nature !

The old Owl, joined them in the second season, opens a new playground, reading and inviting them into his tree-library.


  • Format : 104 x 13
  • Date : 2010-2013
  • Adapted serie from Daniel Picouly and Frédéric Pillot’s books published by Magnard
  • Directed by Charles Antoine Sansonetti et Matthieu Cordier
  • Kind of serie : Ludo entertainment
  • Production : Mondo TV France, Belvision
  • Distribution : France Télévisions Distribution
  • Broadcasting : France Télévisons, Canal J , RAI fiction, RTP, RTBF, ZDF, TSR, YLE, SVT