Sherlock Yack

Who plugged up the elephant trunk ? Who painted the ostrich ? Who knocked out the knowing monkey ? So many puzzles to solve for Sherlock Yack. Sherlock yack is the zoo’s manager as well as its detective. He’s very proud of maintaining order and peace in the place. As soon as a crime is committed, he investigates with his young assistant trainee, Hermione. With her help, he finds suspect, clues and proofs…while inviting the young  viewer to lead the investigation and find the culprit at the same time. 


  • Format : 52 x 13
  • Date : 2011
  • Adapted from a novel « Sherlock Yack Zoo detective » of Michel Amelin and Colonel Mustard
  • Kind of serie : Detective serie, comedy
  • Production : Mondo TV France
  • Distribution : ZDF Enterprises
  • Broadcasting : TF1 , Télétoon+ , ZDF, RTVE, VRT, TELEQUEBEC, TSR