Sakamon Castle

SAKAMON is a bag of pink turnips to whom a dinosaur witch gave life before giving him her castle, which he decided to turn into a hotel for travellers with the help of his apprentice, BLOUDIRADI, a frog to whom he gave human form (even though she was in no way asking for it) and whom he made into his assistant – which is convenient because Sakamon’s own skills are a sort of monument to incompetence!

Oh, wait! We should mention that Sakamon Castle is a space-hotel that can go from planet to planet as it wanders through interstellar space.
Hmmm… Are you following, here?

Well, let’s just say that Sakamon Castle is an animated sitcom, where 
everything would be just fine… if only Sakamon weren’t here at all!


  • Format : 52×11′
  • Genre : Sitcom
  • Target : 8 year-old +
  • Inspired by Mathieu Lenourry’s Instagram comic “Sakamon Castle
  • Production : Mondo TV France