Wonder Pony

Since childhood, LOUISON has gone from one school to another, from one friendship to another. This year, at the age of 11, she decided to move to aboarding junior high school, where she can finally make real friends! So, with both enthusiasm and apprehension, Louison meets her two roommates and future friends AN and SAM… everything looks good, doesn’t it?

Not to mention her unlikely meeting with JEAN-PIERRE: a pink plastic pony who happens to be a superheroine trainer… He has chosen her to wear the Wonder Pony mask (and tail!) to fight monsters whose only purpose is to break the friendship bonds between the children.


  • Format : 52×13′
  • Genre : Action – Comedy – Emotion
  • Target : 6-10 year-old mixt
  • Based on the eponymous comic book by Marie Spénale
  • Published by Jungle
  • Production : Mondo TV France