Rocky Kwaterner

Rocky Kwaterner is a young caveman, and like all Cro-Magnon kids, he likes to play mammoth-mite and catch-the-aurochs. Until the day he falls into the ice water and becomes instantly – Homo-hibernatious. He’s frozen solid. 35.000 years later, Mary Tikka, a paleontologist, finds the young Cro-Magnon and once unfrozen, he’s alive and well ! Rocky finds himself immersed in the 21st century. It’s a shock : for him, yesterday was… 35.000 years ago !

But thanks to the Tikka family, his new tribe, he learns to live in a modern cave, full of weird buttons that make day and night, and where the rock paintings come alive in a funny box of images…Instinctive, Rocky never drops his guard; he doesn’t hesitate to pull out his wood club against what he considers a danger (a tablet, a bike, a pool, etc.). This often creates misunderstandings with his neighbors that ignore everything about his prehistoric origins…


  • Format : 52 x 13
  • Delivery : 2019
  • Created by Just Sue et Only Lastik
  • Directed by Paul Guidal
  • Kind of serie : Comedy
  • Production : Mondo TV France, Monello Productions, Peekaboo Animation
  • Distribution : Kids First Distribution
  • Broadcasting : France Télévisions, RTVE