Of course, I speak marmot and ant, and I understand most tawny owls and magpies, too!

Suzon, 6 years old, all mischief and curls, has an extraordinary gift: she can understand and talk to animals.  What a surprise for creatures both big and small! For Suzon, though, it’s perfectly normal! Just like chatting with her friends at school is. And being able to speak to each other means being able to help each other out, too! 

Suzon is bursting with funny ideas and often times, a little help would be welcome when she needs to get out of a bind. 

You give me a paw, and I’ll give you a hand? Now that’s good thinking!


  • Format : 52 x 13
  • Delivery : 2021
  • Based on the eponymous comic book by Emilie Chazerand and Amandine Piu
  • Published by Gulfstream
  • Production : Mondo TV France